Baubles and Bubbles

23 Jun

nail design with pearl

I needed nails that would take me through dinner parties and poolside BBQs on this lazy summer long weekend. Nothing too casual and not too stodgy.

I wanted my manicure magic to exude the casual elegance of Audrey Hepburn and Julia Roberts. This meant something other than my usual rhinestones or painted flower.

Then it hit me, as a former jewelry designer I realized that you can never go wrong with pearls. Perfect for my fashion fun!

I just love the addition of these pearls on top of such a gentle coppery tone, don’t you?



Stiletto Nails; Avant Garde or Avant Gawd?

21 Jan

It’s no question that the jury is still out on these killer nails.

The internet has always been deeply divided on fashion vs function, but the artistic efforts of Leon has won my heart over.

Not true for many, who insist that these are inappropriate for daily wear.  They may be, what what is the harm in savoring art for art?

Nails by Leon Cab

Nails by Leon Cabriales video

Would you wear these on the daily or save them for a special night out?

Click for video

Rockin’ It Like Tiffany & Co.

30 Sep
rhinesstone 50 50

People are talking about this design

I’m the proud mother of the bride! The bride who is deeply ensconced in an all Tiffany color there. The bride whose bridesmaids jumped right on board with a matching shower theme and goodie bags. What was in the goodie bag you ask? Lots of adorable items, including matching polish wearing an adorable rhinestone veil.

Aptly named Rockin’ It, this smooth gel polish by LA Colors goes on so wonderfully that I passed on my usual third coat and almost stopped at the first!

Of course, I couldn’t just leave it alone, now could I? If I really wanted to rock it, it needed to add just a bit more zing than my usual flower.

My favourite nail artist, Lucy, and I worked together to come up with this 50/50 look that incorporated the base colour and pearly white as a highlight. Lucy added a strip of glitter polish between to make the rhinestones pop just a bit more.

Color Craze Gel Polish

LA COLORS – Rockin’it

50 Shades of Dots

25 Jun
polka dots on grey

OPI Cement The Deal

When you love Polka Dots as much as I do, it becomes a challenge to find ways to work them in to your wardrobe and not look like a 5 year old – which isn’t really a bad thing, just not great for a client meeting.

OPI’s Cement The Deal really stepped up to the challenge. With the entire 50 Shades of Grey collection, Cement The Deal offers just the right amount of colour without fading back into the shadows.

Adding the simple “connect the dots” pattern by my nail artist Lucy kept my weekly mani elegant and fun.

OPI – Instinct of Color

25 Apr

OPI does an amazing job of introducing it’s 2012 colors with this artful video.

If you are a fan of music, dance, or Horses, then you’re about to fall in love.

This short film entitled Instinct of Color showcased four colors by nail polish brand OPI. The result is one of the most stunning commercials I’ve ever seen.

OPI enlisted ad agency DAN Paris … click for more information.

special thanks to Skye Wentworth for showing me this video.

Well, Hello Kitty!

24 Jan

OPI has done it again! Tickled my fancy that is.

OPI Hello Kitty Collection

Yes, that is my husband’s 70’s Philadelphia Eagles game ball under those pretty paints

I’ve never big a huge fan of Hello Kitty, but enough of a fan to see that these are super cute! Even big, manly, football fan Dave thought so. Does that make him my running guard?

You can bet that I’ll be working these into my designs and polish updates over the next few weeks. But I’m not going to get to them all right away so, please share your own.

From left to right: OPI Nail Polish Lacquer – Let’s Be Friends!, NL H91-Never Have Too Mani Friends!, NL H85-Spoken from the Heart, NL H83-Look at My bow! , NL H86-Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, NL H88-My Twin Mimmy , H80 – Kitty White , NL H87-Super Cute in Pink , NL H81-Charmmy & Sugar, NL H90-My Pal Joey , Small + Cute = Heart , 5 Apples Tall

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Easy on the Pocket Polish Packs

25 Dec

It’s how much? Color me happy!

If you know me, you know I love a bargain, and really who doesn’t?

With just one shopping day to go til Christmas, I was meandering through Walgreens. The entire store is wrapped up and ready to go home to your loved ones. Not too big a surprise.

What did catch my attention was the amount of pretty packs of polish at prices too hard to pass up. So I didn’t.

And they were everywhere. At amazing prices too. Most packages were $3 with some at $5. Hard to resist, no?

More Colours for You

More Colours for You